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Thunderbird Cal- & CardDAV synchronisation

This page is dedicated to Thunderbird and Tine 2.0. You may want to use Thunderbird as E-Mail Client, for calendar and tasks.

Server side requirements

Add these Rewrite rules to your webserver configuration (make sure you specify the proper path to index.php)

RewriteRule ^$            /index.php?frontend=webdav [E=REMOTE_USER:%{HTTP:Authorization},L,QSA]
RewriteRule ^addressbooks /index.php?frontend=webdav [E=REMOTE_USER:%{HTTP:Authorization},L,QSA]
RewriteRule ^calendars    /index.php?frontend=webdav [E=REMOTE_USER:%{HTTP:Authorization},L,QSA]
RewriteRule ^principals   /index.php?frontend=webdav [E=REMOTE_USER:%{HTTP:Authorization},L,QSA]
RewriteRule ^webdav       /index.php?frontend=webdav [E=REMOTE_USER:%{HTTP:Authorization},L,QSA]

Install Thunderbird Add-On

Thunderbird itself does not allow to sync with any DAV client, but using the "SOGo Connector" this will work properly. This howto was written using Thunderbird 14.0 and expects Lightning to be installed for the CalDAV functionality. Older versions are also supported, but for best experience, using the latest version of Thunderbird and the Plugin is recommended.

At first, install the connector. It can't be installed by the "Add-ons Manager". You have to download it manually from (Versions for older Thunderbird releases are found at You can check if there are newer version of the connector, but it should work with 24.0.2.

The installation is easy. Just open the "Add-ons Manager" in Thunderbird. You can reach it using the menu "Tools" -> "Add-ons". Open the "Tools for all add-ons" menu and choose "Install Add-on From File".


Select the previously downloaded file to install the add-on.

After installing and restarting thunderbird, it is ready to connect to Tine 2.0.


At first we need the URL for the addressbook you want to use. Open the adressbook application in Tine 2.0. and right click the addressbook you want to use in the tree.


Select "Addressbook Properties" and a dialog will open. Here you can see the field "CardDAV URL". Copy this url to your clipboard.


Open the addressbook of thunderbird and select "File" -> "New" -> "Remote Addressbook".


A dialog "Remote Address Book Properties" opens. Here you can define an name (e.g. Tine20 - Shared) used in Thunderbird. As URL use the URL copied to your clipboard. Save this by clicking "OK" and the addressbook is configured.


You should find this in the list of Thunderbird addressbooks. Right click on the addressbook and select "Synchronize". The contacts from Tine 2.0 should appear.


The first time you synchronize the addressbook, you will be asked by a username and passwort. Use your Tine 2.0 credentials here.


Find out the calendar URL. Open the calendar application in Tine 2.0. Right click the calendar you want to use in the tree.


Select "Calendar Properties" and a dialog will open. Here you can see the field "CalDAV URL". Copy this url to your clipboard.


Open the calendar tab in Thunderbird, right click on the left side somewhere under the calendar tree and select "New Calendar".


The opening dialog asks where your calendar is stored. Select "On the Network". Click "Next" and the next dialog appears.


Select "CalDav" as format and paste the URL from your clipboard into the "Location" field. Click next to reach the last dialog.


Here you can define the name for this calendar used in Thunderbird. Select a preferred color. Save this by clicking "Next" and "Finish".

Thunderbird-create-calendar-3.png Thunderbird-create-calendar-4.png

To get your Tine 2.0 calendar entries into the Thunderbird calendar just right-click somewhere below the calendars in Thunderbird and select "Synchronize Calendars"


The first time you synchronize your calendar(s), you will be asked by a username and passwort. Use your Tine 2.0 credentials here.

Wolfgang Loest has written a (german) HowTo for other CalDAV clients:

ThunderTine - a thunderbird ActiveSync extension

There's an extension to Thunderbird to synchronize contacts with Thunderbird's address book using ActiveSync. The component is still under development.

Get started

You may want to download the latest version of ThunderTine and test it within your environment.

Be warned: It is in a highly beta stadium. It may work or not. Under bad circumstances you can loose data!

After downloading (right click link above -> save file as...) open Thunderbird, go to menu Tools (may be called Extras or similar) -> Add-ons..., click button Install... and open the downloaded ttine.xpi. This requires Thunderbird to restart. Now you can see the ThunderTine status bar in the right bottom edge of your Thunderbird main window and inside menu Tools.


Go to the preferences window of ThunderTine. You can do so by using menu Tools -> Tine 2.0 Sync Preferences or by right-clicking the status bar of ThunderTine.

Inside preferences window:

Tab Server setup

  • host: Enter your host name without leading "http://" or trailing paths like "/Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync"
  • enable SSL: Make sure your host is using a) SSL in general and b) an official certificate. Self-signed certificates result to an "undefined" error. If you have to use them you have to import them into Thunderbird manually.
  • if you frequently change the folder you're synchronizing you can check the folder of its existence before attempting to sync with it


If you can't see your Tine 2.0 folders at the list of remote contact olders click button to renew folder list.

  • Choose a local address book to synchronize to. It is best practise to create a new one rather then using your default book.
  • If you want to reuse an existing (local) address book (e.g. to import existing contacts to Tine 2.0) you have to re-initialize it before. This strips all sync-specific information from chosen address book and makes it syncing all contacts again. Hint: Either the local or the remote folder should be empty when an address book is re-initialized to avoid duplicates.


If everthing goes well but ThunderTine is bothering you with dialogs you can check there for complete silence. Since this extension is under development right now it isn't meant to be checked!

Daily usage:

After setting ThunderTine up it should do its work by itself. To make it synchronize you can:

  • Start Thunderbird. ThunderTine asks Tine 2.0 for changes then.
  • Wait for the amount of minutes you set up in preference window
  • Close Thunderbird (if you've chosen to sync before close)


  • left-click ThunderTine status-bar "Sync Tine 2.0": This will synchronize immediately.

Known issues

  • Every request results to an error in the console. You can ignore complaints about "malformed anything". It is harmless.

Report errors

If you report errors please include the following:

  • The Tine 2.0 log of your request and the response of the server which includes the XML of synchronized data (you can anonymize it before posting!).
  • The GIT revision you're using
  • Other errors than those of known issues (above) which occur in Thunderbird's error console