Choosing an application

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You can always see the chosen application in the top left:

ChoosingAnApplication ChosenApp.jpeg

Moving to another application can be done by selecting the desired application out of the "app-pile" in the lower left of the screen.

ChoosingAnApplication AppPile.jpg

Note that you can only see those applications, that you are allowed to see.

You can manage who is allowed to see which applications on a very detailed level within the admin-application. This can be done via the concept of "roles" in the tab "roles". You can define as many roles as you like. For each role you can define which persons or groups belong to this role and which rights this role has. The right to "execute" is needed for a person to see the application.

ChoosingAnApplication RolesAndApplications.jpeg

As any user can be in more then one role, the actual applications he is allowed to see can simply be calculated by adding up all rights of the distinct roles the user has.