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Where can I find previous versions of tine20 to download

The download page on www.tine20.org only shows the current stable release.

Previous stable releases are available from Releases here in the wiki.

What are 'tags' required for?

Tags are a way for marking / grouping from e. g. contacts for easier finding (e. g. for prospect, newsletter, ...). You can use them to categorize tine20 items.

What is the difference between 'description' and 'notes'?

This both are available in every module. 'Description' is one large textfield for descriping the entry. 'notes' can be added as many as you want (e. g. for documentation of calls, emails, etc.).

What is the 'links' tab for?

It shows all links to other objects like appointments, leads, etc. and could also be opened in this view.

How can I get notifications (e. g. for calendar events, tasks, etc.) other than email?

This is currently only implemented for Chrome browser. See Tracker #2346 for more details.

Does Tine20 support my language?

State of translations: https://www.transifex.com/projects/p/tine20/

For becoming a translator, see Contributors/Howtos/Translations.

Module: Calendar

How do I administrate calendar resources?

  • Go to Admin/Applications.
  • Right-click 'Calendar' and choose 'Settings'.

How do I add calendar resources to an event?

See this forum post (with screenshot): http://www.tine20.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=2300

How can I grant permission to users (not groups) to a calendar?

In the permission window of the calendar, click to the Icon left of the search bar and switch from 'group' to 'user'

How can I define custom colors for different calendards?

A user can define colors in the calendar settings. Just rightclick on the calendar.

This was added in version 2010-11, see Tracker #1314

How to have categories like in EGroupware?

Tine20 supports also categories - but it's named 'tags'. You can also create shared calendars (e. g. for vacation, home office, etc.).

How can users print a calendar?

This is currently not implemented yet, but planned. See Tracker #2308

Is there a way to export calendar entries

To access the ICS files in a calendar, just go to the calendar URL in your browser: https://your.tine20.domain/calendars/APPID/CALENDARID. The URL is visible in the Calendar properties dialog that can be opened by right-clicking the calendar.

There is a CLI method (Calendar.exportICS) that allows the export of whole calendars, too.

Is it possible to access the calender on different ways than web-frontend and ActiveSync?

CalDAV support is available since version Milan (2012-03). Have a look at Admins/Thunderbird-Synchronisation for an example configuration with Thunderbird.

How can I invite persons to an appointment, that are not registred in Tine?

This is currently not possible.

How can I change the first day of the week

The first day of the week changes automatically according to the selected language. It is fetched from the Zend framework.

Can an admin change permissions of other users calendar(s)?

This is currently not implemented. See Tracker #3272

What happens with calendars of deleted users?

The calendar and all appointments are marked as deleted but are kept in the database. It's planed to purge that old entries using the CLI function 'Tinebase.clearTable', but it's not implemented yet. See Tracker #3274

How to set a calendar of an removed user to 'shared'?

If you want to make an calendar to be shared, after the user is deleted, this can only be done in the database:

  • Find out ID or name of the calendar (table 'tine20_container')
  • Add ACL for admin (directly inside the database using 'INSERT INTO tine20_container_acl....' or per CLI 'Calendar.setContainerGrants())
  • Set container type to shared using UPDATE tine20_container set type='shared' WHERE id='_containerID_'

Module: Addressbook

How can I export Outlook contacts and import them into Tine20?

See this posting http://www.tine20.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=4024 (german) in the forum.

How can I import a vcard into Tine20?

  • go to the Addressbook
  • click 'Import contacts'
  • choose 'adb_import_vcard' from the list of import definitions
  • choose a address book for your imported contacts
  • upload the vcard file
  • optional: do a dry run (checkbox 'dry run' is checked)
  • and finally: import the contacts by clicking 'Ok'

Module: FeLaMiMail

Is it possible to send mails using PGP encryption?

This is currently not implemented.

Is there a vacation autoresponder?

This is implemented using sieve, see Tracker #1516 You need sieve on your mailserver.

Is it possible to use FeLaMiMail in the browser for any "mailto:" link?

Yes, this has been implemented in Koriander 2014.09.

see https://forge.tine20.org/view.php?id=3726

Just open the preferences menu by clicking your user name (upper-right corner) and select "Tine 2.0org as default mailer".

Module: CRM

How do I administrate CRM lead states, lead sources, and lead types?

  • Go to Admin/Applications.
  • Right-click 'Crm' and choose 'Settings'.

Lead import fails although csv-format is correct

  • Make sure, the file encoding is "UTF-8 without BOM". Just "UTF-8" won't work.

Module: ActiveSync

Which calendar receives new appointments, created on the cell phone?

All calendards with permission 'active sync' are syncronized to the cell phone into one calendar. If you make changes on the cell phone, changes are syncronized back to the origin appointments in their different calendars. But: If you create a new appointment on your cell phone, it its created in the alphabetical first calendar! This can't be changed at the moment (see feature request: Tracker #3262)


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