Outlook Migration Howto

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This page describes the use of a tool to migrate contacts, calendars and tasks from Outlook to Tine 2.0. There's no native way to import that data to Tine 2.0.

O'Tine - Outlook to Tine

This program reads Outlooks data from COM-interface, translates it to JSON-RPC and upload it to a Tine 2.0 installation of your choice (Tine 2.0 demo page by default). Using this way you can even migrate data from Exchange as long as you have downloaded that data with Outlook before.

Versions and history

There're two versions by the time of writing. Use OTine-Beta5.exe for Versions prior to Milan (2012-3-1) and OTine-Milan.exe for this and later versions. There was a minor API-change between those versions therefor the Beta5 is still downloadable.


You can download the current version always here: http://www.nohl.eu/tine-20/otine-outlook-zu-tine-20-migrieren/ (the website is in german language so scroll straight to section "Download" and click the only link there)

Usage - Three steps

In general the application has a toolbar (connect / disconnect Tine 2.0), three tabs on the left (contacts, calendar, tasks), folder options on the upper right (create new personal / common folder in current tab) and the source selection in the middle (left button to list sources, right button to read selected sources). The big button in the lower right will upload the data which you have read before from Outlook to Tine 2.0.

1. Connect to a Tine 2.0 installation

Click the upper left button in the toolbar (the Tine 2.0 logo) to connect to your installation. When connected all three tabs will be filled with your Tine 2.0 folders. Choose contacts / calendars / tasks. Now you can list your sources.


2. Read from Source (Outlook)

After choosing a Tine 2.0 folder you can select the import source from the right side (the box in the middle). Left button will list all available Outlook sources. Right button will read from Outlook to memory. The last step is necessary because usually Outlook will display a security warning which let you select e.g. "allow for 10 minutes" - if you would upload directly it may be to slow to progress in that amount of time.


Upload data

The button at the bottom on the right will upload impoerted data. THIS MAY TAKE A WHILE. Progress will be displayed.


The tool is written using Lazarus / freepascal. It is not open source right now but maybe it will in future. Please find the license for the included ssl-library in the download file. By now I will release the automatically from the JSON-RPC translated pascal unit. Thanks for using my tool.