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Personas are a method to improve usability while developing an application. They are fictitious characters that are created to represent the different user types within a targeted demographic who might use a product.

For more information please refer to this Wikipedia entry.

Personas help us to decide which functionality is missing and which is redundant, so that we can create a tidy and goal-oriented interface and save development time.

We elaborated these personas, together with the vision for Tine 2.0, during a workshop in March 2008 with usability experts and the core developers. They will be used to discuss and solve vagueness and disagreement on further developments.

The focus in the future development lies on fulfilling the goals and tasks of our primary persona. Goals of secondary personas should not interfere with tasks of the primary persona.

Common Background

All personas work for the fictitious Tine Publications, Ltd. A publishing house based in Brighton, UK, with about 200 employees.

Primary Persona

John Smith

Persona JohnSmith.jpg

(Photo © Sascha Sambale / PIXELIO)

  • 35 years
  • married with Catherine (37, dentist's assistant)
  • 2 children: Ann (7) & Paul (11)
  • lives in Brighton, UK, in a 3-bedroom apartment
  • owns an iPod
  • has been working for 7 years as a photographer for Tine Publications, Ltd.
  • member of a team
  • works in an office

Tasks & Goals

  • organises his own data
  • reads and writes email
  • uses TODO-Lists and takes notes
  • uses contact-data from a company-wide address book to communicate with clients and colleagues
  • organizes his private and professional appointments with a calendar
  • keeps track of his project-based working hours

Use of Computers

  • low profile user
  • uses a laptop (Windows XP)
  • trained Windows-user
  • uses Outlook Express
  • knows webmailers


  • organisational decision
  • recognises potential of calendar and TODO-lists to organise his own schedule


  • casual and selective use of Tine

(Read his first statement on OpenSource Usability Labs)

Secondary Personas

Susan Clever

Persona SusanClever.jpg

(Photo © Konstantin Gastmann / PIXELIO)

  • 29 years
  • lives alone near to Brighton in a 2 bed room apartment
  • works since August 2005 as a secretary for Tine Publications, Ltd.
  • enjoys going out at night
  • goes shopping regularly ;)
  • loves chinese food - especially #23 and #42
  • works for different project teams
  • answers calls
  • schedules dates and meetings

Tasks & Goals

  • organises her own data like John Smith, but a little bit less private
  • and organises data for other people:
    • takes care of the contact database (including tagging & history/activity)
    • writes tasks for other team members e.g. demand for a customer call-back
    • schedules meetings for teams and other people in shared calendars
    • reviews the attendance, workload and holiday time of co-workers
    • makes bookings for meeting-rooms
    • analyses working hours of co-workers
    • writes bills
    • exports data

Use of Computers

  • low profile user
  • uses a desktop system with Windows XP
  • trained Windows-user
  • uses Outlook
  • is familiar with the main Office products


  • uses calendar data very intensively and more then anybody else in the company
  • strongly depends on the careful and continuous data maintenance of her co-workers
  • recognises potential for the whole organisation


  • permanent usage of Tine
  • small and completed tasks within Tine

(Read her first statement on OpenSource Usability Labs)

Paul Wulf

Persona PaulWulf.jpg

(Photo © PIXELIO)

  • 43 years
  • married with Lucy (41, estate agent)
  • 2 children: Kevin (19) & Trudy (1)
  • lives in a house in Brighton, UK
  • triathlete
  • restores his own oldtimer
  • lives & eats healthy
  • enjoys listening to classical music
  • has been working for 16 years as project leader for Tine Publications, Ltd.
  • coordinates advertising campaigns for different media of Tine Publications
  • plans and creates proposals for customers of the publishing house
  • plans and schedules workers and ressources for realisation of campaigns (photographers, graphic designers, illuminators, lyricists, technicians etc.)
  • holds responsibility for other workers
  • leads his own team with 13 members

Tasks & Goals

  • organises his own data like John Smith
  • and organises data for his team:
    • plans and creates proposals
    • makes personnel planning
    • creates tasks (for specific projects) for other people and monitors them
    • schedules appointments for teams and other people in shared calendars
    • synchronises calendar with his PDA
    • makes bookings for meeting-rooms
    • supervises working times for co-workers in projects

Use of Computers

  • is computer literate
  • uses a laptop with Windows Vista Business
  • trained Windows-user
  • uses Outlook, office products and project management software
  • knows webmailers


  • needs the whole application for a smooth clearing of his projects
  • wants to manage projects more efficiently
  • strongly depends on the careful and continuous data maintenance of his co-workers
  • recognises potential for the whole organisation, his team and for himself


  • permanent usage of Tine
  • complete task management within Tine
  • constantly needs an overview

James McBlack

Persona JamesMcBlack.jpg

(Photo © Engelbert Hosner / PIXELIO)

  • 38 years
  • divorced, no children
  • lives alone in a penthouse in Brighton, UK
  • likes fast cars
  • loves french (red) wine
  • travels a lot
  • has been working for 2 years as sales manager for ads for Tine Publications, Ltd.
  • works most of the time out of house and consults customers on site about new ad campaign strategies and placements in the media of Tine Publications
  • uses Tine en route via UMTS for lead updates etc.
  • works on his own

Tasks & Goals

  • organises his own data (private and business) like John Smith
  • and uses Tine also for:
    • monitoring activity information (aka contact history) about customers
    • managing leads: create, edit & finalise
    • data mining in leads and customer information over different criteria like
      • postal code, sales, last contact, activity index, tags, class of business, product, etc.
    • export of investigated data for:
      • generation of (mass) mailings, telephone lists, christmas cards, etc.
    • preparation of proposals (printing)
    • periodic synchronisation of contact data and appointments with his PDA

Use of Computers

  • low profile user (more status then usage)
  • uses a MacBookPro
  • typical Mac User
  • uses AppleMail, iCal and .mac
  • knows webmailers
  • uses software from office package
  • PDA & mobile use


  • to achieve higher sales rates through detailed and uptodate data


  • selective but intensive use of Tine for pre-/post-editing of meetings e.g.
  • uses PDA as well as web interface of Tine to access data

Controller Roberta Wright

  • will be considered in further Tine development
  • reads only data from others
  • needs only functions for data viewing and export