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List of Tine 2.0 major releases

Releasedate Codename Eponym Focus Download
2017-02-24 2017.02 Community Edition (2017.02) - Calendar, CalDAV/CardDAV, JavaScript, Touch Devices, Replication
2016-11-24 Egon Business Edition (2016.11) Son of Philipp CoreData, Calendar, Felamimail, Addressbook, Admin
2016-09-15 2016.09 Community Edition (2016.09) - -
2016-03-17 Egon Community Edition (2016.03) Son of Philipp CoreData, Calendar, Felamimail, Addressbook, Admin
2015-07-02 Elena (2015.07) Daughter of Daniel ActiveSync, Calendar, CRM
2014-09-18 Koriander (2014.09) Daughter of Flávio Gomes da Silva Lisboa CalDAV, CRM, Sales
2013-10-24 Collin (2013.10) Son of Christian (Sales Manager) CalDAV, CardDAV, HumanResources
2013-03-28 Kristina (2013.03) Daughter of Anna Calendar, HumanResources, Inventory
2012-10-24 Joey (2012.10) Son of Peggy (Sales) Calendar, Relations, ActiveSync, HumanResources, PostgreSQL
2012-03-06 Milan (2012.03) Son of Torsten (Head of Presales) Filemanager, Filter, Import, CalDAV/CardDAV
2011-06-21 Maischa (2011-05) Daughter of Torsten (Head of Presales) Performance, Email, Calendar, Usability
2011-03-21 Neele (2011-01) Daughter of Sonja (Executive Assistant) Performance, Email, Calendar
2010-06-09 Mialena (2010-03) Daughter of Lars (Head of Tine 2.0) Usability, Performance, Calendar, Email, ActiveSync
2009-12-10 August (2009-11) Son of Philipp (Core Developer) Refinements, CRM, Setup
2009-08-05 Leonie (2009-07) Daughter of Cornelius (Lead Developer) Calendar, Email
2009-02-28 Lara (2009-02) Daughter of Lars (Head of Tine 2.0) VOIP, ActiveSync
2008-10-30 Summer 2009 CRM

Version naming

Example (you find this information e. g. in the download area):
Codename: Milan, Package String: 2012.03.5, Releasedate: 2012/06/27

Codename: Milan Project codename (Name of an contributors child)
Package String: 2012.03.5 Every major release has a package string containing year and month (like Ubuntu). This doesn't have to be exactly the month where the major release was published. That's why it is 2012.03. The last number of this string is the amount of updates/service releases, which is increased by every minor update. In this example, it's the 5th release of the 2012.03 version.
Releasedate: 2012/06/27 This is the date when packages are added to the download area respectively the scheduled date in the tracker for not allready published versions.

In other words: If the package string is higher than the version you have installed, your setup is outdated.

Example version strings

  • 2012.03.1~beta1
  • 2012.03.1~beta2
  • 2012.03.1~beta3
  • 2012.03.1~rc1
  • 2012.03.1~rc2
  • 2012.03.1~rc3
  • 2012.03.1
  • 2012.03.2
  • 2012.03.3
  • 2012.03.4
  • 2012.03.5