Working with records

From Tine 2.0 - Wiki

Tine 2.0 offers different options to collaboratively work with the records:

1. Description

Descriptions can be used for free-text comments on a record. This is the place to put any information that will be altered from time to time. Everyone who is able to see the record can see and change this information. You cannot filter for descriptions.

2. Tags

Tag should be used for any additional information Tine 2.0 dialogues do not provide appropriate details for. Tags have the great advantage that you can filter for them.

There are two level of tags: private and public.

Public tags have to be administered in the admin-application. Each user can attach or change public Tags to a record - just like the description. For example you could tag each contact that should get a christmas card with "X-MAS 2009".

You can attach private tags as you like - no one else will see them but you.

3. Notes

Notes are visible to everyone and cannot be changed once they have been made. They reflect a certain incident, e.g. a phone call, that will not be changed in future. Some of these notes are provided automatically, e.g if you use Tine 2.0 as your phone-application. System events like creating or altering a record are notes as well. In the "history"-tab you can see all notes for that record. You cannot filter for notes, but you can filter in the notes-tab.